Real Estate Photography: More Than Just Pretty Pictures

m-design provides real estate photography and video in and around Peterborough and the Kawarthas area. Every home has a different personality and we want to show that to your potential clients. We offer full-service video & photography services to magically capture each home’s unique hightlights and beauty.

Real Estate photography is the single most compelling and effective way to market a home in today’s demanding market. Buyers are online, and they expect a strong visual presence of a potential home before they go view it.

Our approach to real estate photography is to not simply “document” the house but to demonstrate what it feels like to be in the home and create the desire to visit the listing. We focus on showing potential buyers what it feels like to be in a particular space, not just the space itself — to generate a connection between the house and its potential to be a home.

We strive to capture the essence of each space through creative composition and the use of light and shadow. We will take multiple exposures of each shot to expose for interior details and avoid blown out looking windows. Each photo is given careful retouching to enhance the shot and to make sure it displays well on screens or in print.

Video is shot with a steady cam stabilizer or a mobile dolly for buttery smooth action. We pride ourselves for superior editing skills and well-paced videos. Background music and text overlays are included.

m-design is dedicated in to provide our clients with quality, creative and innovative real estate photos.. We pride ourselves in prompt and reliable professional services. We understand the need for premium images, but are sensitive to meeting your budget demands

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