Here is the redesigned logo for Herma’s. She wanted to keep the same look and feel but a few tweaks improve its balance and legibility.

Originally hand-drawn the logo is based the font University Roman. We avoid using the actual font to maintain some of the hand-drawn look but also because the font has some very narrow lines that would not stand up well at small sizes or work well with the faux gold on black look we use on so much of Herma’s branding. It also gave us the opportunity to maintain the slightly rounded corners that give the logo a warmer, more inviting feeling. Face it, University Roman had its day in the 80’s and is looking very dated. It has no place in modern branding without substantial modification.

The S was flipped to a more stable axis and redrawn to fit against the A better. The crossbars of the H, E and A were brought closer to the middle to make more legible and a little less styled.

While the strokes of each letter were slightly modified for balance it was the letter R that needed the most work. The bowl of the R needed substantial slimming and refining. The swash of the R looks dreadfully awkward and had been my biggest complaint when working with the original logo because it forced so much space below the logo. No tagline or contact information could appear with the logo as a unit. The depth of the swatch also created spacial issues when positioned in the header of the website. We moved it up and cleaned up some of the curves for a tighter, more pulled-together look. The swash still descends low enough that we can tuck in the website address or “Since 1993” next to it.

Here is the original: